28 June 2012 (19:30 - 22:30)

“They are going to be one of the hottest tickets this year” “The actual quality of the songwriting is exceptional, it really belies Theo’s young years” - Bruce MacGregor, Travelling Folk, BBC Radio Scotland


Old folk hits a new groove as three troubadours collide in a rich harmony; with songs that speak and voices that ring. Home is their Woodburner nights deep in Hackney’s underground, but it’s a sound that resonates far beyond. Fresh from the release of their critically acclaimed debut album The Springtime Fool, Bard are set for a massive summer of touring so catch them while you can.

Theo. Born in London Town and raised on music from the mists of time. A man who spent years searching himself for song. When he sings, it’s his soul you hear. When he plays guitar that’s the beating of his heart.

Louisa. Born in a puddle of whiskey under the full moon, Louisa has remained true to these surrogate parents; a stargazer by trade and a rascal. Love her and she will make you happy, but be sure to ask nothing from her but another song on her squeezebox. 

Nick. Where mortals sing, dance or tell jokes, Nick can hold an audience in raptures with just a turn of his lip or a frown of his blue eyes. Why and how he’s become such an incredible musician is a mystery to us all. King of the one-liner.